RE Crawford Construction has been using Steven's Masonry for over five years. Steven's has supplied us with a variety of masonry services, raning from block foundations to finished brickwork.

We have received excellent work and great service from the Steven's team. I highly recommend Steven's Masonry!

Jack Gosney
Superintendent, RE Crawford Construction

I was just websurfing and was pleased to see that a family tradition is still going strong.

Steven Strobel
Akron, OH

It is so refreshing to encounter a buissness with the motivating forces you have! Your goals and endevors will buid not only in this life but for the life to come! May you progress and prosper!

V.Rev.John Tokarick
Lancaster, PA

Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania International Masonry Institute International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Laborers' International Union of North America Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce